Refrigerated goods

Consistent service – at consistent temperatures

NTG Frigo A/S specialises in the transport of temperature-sensitive goods throughout Europe. We handle all types of goods which require a specific temperature – from frozen ducks at -25 degrees C to fine chocolate at +15 degrees C.

Our employees have many years’ experience and will provide tailor-made logistical solutions and advice about specific transport requirements as well as other temperature-controlled transport issues.

We will make every effort to always ensure a safe and secure delivery, taking the consignment directly from manufacturer to retailer, for example. Our specialists in Hvidovre control transport operations in individual countries and will provide you with a full overview of the entire journey.

Full-loads comprise nearly 95% of our daily business and is therefore clearly our core competence. Our full-loads roll through most of Europe with chilled, frozen and ordinary dry goods.

We also offer part-loads to and from almost all European countries, planning the transport in close cooperation with our partners in the individual countries.

Contact us if you want to know more about temperature-controlled transport.